Who We Are

companyBangla Perfumes Distributors Limited (BPDL), the leading brand fragrance distributors in Bangladesh started its journey since the year of 1998. Since its establishment Bangla Perfumes Distributors has achieved the position of pioneer in distributing world's famous branded perfumes in Bangladesh. After the establishment BPDL is catering the potential consumers of our country with renowned premium and luxury fragrances imported officially direct from the manufactures and distributing professionally. At the same time BPDL is making all efforts to promote the bands and create brand awareness among the potential customers.

At present Bangla Perfumes Distributors LTD is distributing around 30 world leading fragrance brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Versace, Mont Blanc, Hugo, Boss, Lacoste and many others and every year many more brands are coming to put another feather to the success story of Bangla Perfumes. BPDL's success story did not stop here but besides distributing these brands Bangla Perfumes now has six world class customized Perfume stores name Perfume World in Dhaka and Chittagong. BPDL has highest number of partnership stores which are the leading lifestyle shops of Bangladesh. At the moment, BPDL has a professional sales and marketing team with specialized experience in brand promotion and development as well as efficient administrative and logistic support services personal.

BPDL has targeted its main marketing concepts the upscale Elite and Rich segments of the consumers in Bangladesh domestic market. Now BPDL has become the synonymous with genuinely imported Brand Fragrances of original quality from the world leading brands. The consumers section of BPDL is not only local consumers but also the privileged expatriate and diplomatist in Bangladesh.

Our Mission & Vision

Bangla Perfumes Distributors LTD was born with the aim to offer the opportunity of using the world's most celebrated branded fragrances to the potential consumers of our country. During the last two decades with the economic development Bangladesh has got a huge number of elite customers who are really concerned to use the branded lifestyle products. Brand consciousness has become a common trend among the Bangladeshi consumers. By following this trend Bangla Perfumes always wanted to offer the opportunity to the fragrance lovers of our country to use the genuine branded fragrances. In the local market there have been always a huge number of fake fragrances products, some of them are being illegally made or some parts of them are coming though in an illegal way from the foreign countries. For this reason, government is losing a huge amount of duty taxes. So Bangla Perfumes aimed to change this scenario by distributing the original fragrances from the mother companies around the world and also helping the government by giving proper taxes and duty fees. With this integrity, at present Bangla Perfumes has achieved the position of top branded perfumes distributors in Bangladesh. Many of the fragrances lovers of our country cannot rely on the quality of the perfumes which are normally available in the local market. So they tend to buy perfumes from the foreign countries. But Bangla Perfumes has aimed to change this habit of the customers by offering them all the genuine brand fragrances. Now a day, Bangla Perfumes has achieved huge appreciation among the potential elite customers of the society. Because, now they can rely on the distributed products of Bangla Perfumes and now all the perfume ranges are available. So they do not need to buy from the foreign markets and also these fragrance products are genuine. Day by day Bangla Perfumes is expanding its business by opening its own personalized outlets as well as the partnership lifestyle store.